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Insights from PMI Lisbon Summit

I had the pleasure of attending the PMI Lisbon summit recently and gave a talk about the Art and Science of Project Resourcing.

The summit was a great success, and it was humbling to be around so many thought leaders in my chosen profession. It was extra special to be celebrating the PMI Portugal’s 20-year anniversary.

Carlos de Assis Carrilho specialist in landscape architecture, gardens and art and cultural mediator at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation opened the conference with music art and insights into active listening, managing emotions, adding vision, boosting creativity and intelligence to our project teams through art.

Jennifer Tharp gave an inspirational talk Generative AI and gave a demonstration on how AI can already assist with project management techniques such as cost benefit analysis. Before we are, inevitably (!) all replaced by AI, it is a reminder that Power Skills will become even more important in project management. Also, did you know that travelling via self-driving taxis has become the norm in San Francisco? That blew my mind!

Giusi Meloni presenting on ethical intelligence. Reminding us that the PMI code of ethics will become forefront as we live alongside AI in the near future. Coincidentally, I am giving training on the Code of Ethics today as part of my PMP course so I will include Guisi’s thoughts on this topic.

Tiago Mateus talked about leadership 4.0 and how we need to unlearn to learn new capabilities. Our sponsor is our project advocate, our client is our partner and stakeholders are important collaborators. I recommend reading his book, Project Your Life: 7 Project Management Skills to achieve Life Balance and Success, if you haven’t already.

Lucila Dotto PMI Head of Community again emphasised the importance of Power Skills as being the fundamental part of project success. Our EI and our response versus our react is the key to self-management.

I shared the stage with Walter Ginevri who spoke about the Agile Manifesto 2.0, Fragility, focusing on the WHY, Ways of thinking and self-empowerment.

Marisa Lago de Carvalho talked about being aware of our ego, how we can manage that self-critic and why it is not worth worrying (spoiler alert – because our worries rarely become reality!)

João Minhota was a great facilitator of this round table so I wanted to thank him here, he also wrote as many notes as Daniel Lança Perdigão from UpSideUp that created the amazing image.

My talk included how social media and related automation tools play a part in project resourcing nowadays, where you the PM’s professional profile and the network are key. I have published a series of blogs about the subject here.

Georges Buzaglo ran a very fun and interactive workshop about managing Effective Pushback, again heavily on the theme is active listening, we workshopped choosing words wisely to help reframe and encourage providing facts over opinion.

And of course, the legendary Ricardo Vargas gave an energic and compelling perspective on how AI will transform project management. Again spoiler alert, we will be replaced but quite frankly I am happy to give all the admin work to AI whilst I focus on cultivating high Performing teams.

Lastly, immense gratitude to Cristina Barradas, Isabelina Jorge, Eduardo Espinheira, and the entire team of PMI volunteers whose dedication and enthusiasm made the summit a remarkable and vibrant event.


The PMI Lisbon summit was an incredible gathering of minds, a celebration of two decades of progress, and an eye-opening exploration of the future of project management.

In essence, the summit was a testament to the evolving landscape of project management, urging us to embrace change with AI, harness Power Skills, and pave the way for a future where collaboration, ethics, adaptability, and emotional intelligence will be the cornerstones of success in our field.

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