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Innovation & Doing Business in Portugal Dublin Conference June 2024

On June 20, we hosted the "Innovation & Doing Business in Portugal" conference at the Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC) in Dublin. The event successfully brought together experts and enthusiasts to explore Portugal's dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A highlight of the conference was the panel I moderated on "Innovation and Doing Business in Portugal." This discussion featured insights from Stefan Goor, Group CIO at Ardanis; Declan Wynne, MD of Skanstec Engineering; and Richard Clingen, CEO of The Portugal News. We delved into the opportunities and challenges in Portugal's business landscape, making it one of the event's primary topics.

The conference also featured panels on technology transfer, investment and tax incentives, and sustainability in entrepreneurship. These sessions were led by prominent industry and academic leaders, providing valuable insights and information.

The event concluded with a networking lunch and Portuguese wine tasting, allowing attendees to connect and exchange ideas. We are grateful to our sponsors, including Tax Libris and The Portugal News, for their support.

Thanks to the Guinness Enterprise Centre for hosting and organizing this successful event. The "Innovation & Doing Business in Portugal" conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Portugal's unique business environment.

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Jul 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent Conference.

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